Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why are my orders getting canceled/ not delivering?

  • Ensure your account is set to Public. We cannot send to Private accounts.
  • Use your account link to buy followers. Use the post link to buy engagement, likes, comments, views, etc.
  • Account link example:
  • Post link example:
  • Ensure your link is "clean", it should look like this, with no extra characters at the end:
  • Backend issues result in automatic refunds.
  • Make only one order at a time to avoid delivery issues. Making two orders for the same link at one time can cause issues.

2. Why are my likes/ comments/ views not delivering?

  • Provide the post link, not the account link.
  • Account link example:
  • Post link example:

3. How to buy story views, likes, comments, etc.?

  • Use the post link not the account link. The services are for individual posts, not for your account as a whole
  • Post link example:

4. Why are my TikTok followers taking so long to deliver/not delivering?

  • High demand may cause delays; a new FAST service is available.

5. I paid with crypto, why is it not in my account yet?

  • Crypto payments usually take minutes; occasionally up to one hour. Please be patient.

6. Can I cancel my orders?

  • Normally, once placed orders cannot be canceled. Check the order in your orders tab to see if you have a "cancel" button next to the order.

7. How does Drip feed work?

  • These currently have issues so expect some cancellations. But don’t worry, you will be automatically refunded for any services that do not deliver.
  • Drip feed delivers services gradually over time.
  • The amount you enter is the amount per run.
  • Number of runs is how many runs you want to happen.
  • Interval is how many minutes you want between your runs
  • If you put 5 runs of 100 amount and an interval of 30 minutes you will get 100 followers every 30 minutes until you get 500 total followers

8. What does partial status mean?

  • Partial status means only a portion was delivered; you are automatically refunded for any services that are not delivered